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The start of Heavenfull Foods is truly a serendipitous story!

Founded in 2017 by Sam Jaafar, who was inspired by stroopwafels, a classic dutch treat, and giving it a unique modern twist. Uninspired by the ice cream sandwiches normally seen in grocery freezers, it became his mission to bring something new and exciting to consumers. Combining high quality and locally made ice cream with our exclusive recipe for soft stroopwafels, it only took one bite to realize that we found something heavenly! 

It’s no surprise that Heavenfull treats have been appearing on more and more shelves across Canada than we can count. A pretty simple story for such an irresistible delicacy! The best part is that this isn't all there is to Heavenfull. We have a lot of more tasty treats that will be available in stores soon – stay tuned! We’re bringing more deliciousness your way!

We take great pride in sourcing high quality, local ingredients for all our products. We also are proud to produce all our products here in Canada.

When we created Heavenfull, much of it was based on the high level of satisfaction from indulging with our treats. But the whole story is much more than that. We believe in bringing smiles to peoples faces; there’s just nothing better than that. 

Now go on, take a little bite of heaven!

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At Heavenfull, we are humbled to be able to support the Sick Kids Foundation. We know that happiness doesn’t always come so easily to some, and so whatever we can do to help, gives us great pride and pleasure.

We are determined to bring smiles and spread happiness as far as we can, and we’ll continue to share our stories and efforts to make this happen.

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